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DAHLER & NICHOLLS FIGHT CRIME! – Now Available on Amazon.com

Dahler & NIcholls Fight Crime! (Crime Wins) Front Cover

Imagine if Abbott & Costello had drawn “Dick Tracy”…

DAHLER & NICHOLLS FIGHT CRIME! (CRIME WINS) presents you with the humorous cartoon adventures of two hapless heroes, Dahler & Nicholls, dedicated officers of the law, who, with the aid of their intrepid four-legged assistant Horatio, try their level best to “make the streets safe for decent citizens.”

Sometimes they succeed…

A cute comic – over 120 full-page B&W illustrations fill the pages, cover to cover.  (The paperback edition also conveniently doubles as a coloring book.)  If you enjoy funny cartoons, like the ones you read in the Sunday papers, then you’ll love these.

Check out the gallery for samples.  Or click on the Amazon links below and check out the free preview.

Get your copy today!

Paperback Edition:  Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble
Kindle Edition:   Amazon.com

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